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For a next step in enhancing your fluency instruction, see the tips on measuring a student’s fluency score and watch our Launching Young Readers show, Fluent Reading.

Develop an instructional plan

Choose one student to take a fluency score.

  • Sit and listen to the student read a passage from a book that is at their independent level.
  • Take note of words read correctly and incorrectly.
  • Find the words read per minute by taking the words read correctly (minus) the words read incorrectly.
  • Determine what instruction should look like for this student.
  • Write up your plan for this student’s growth in the area of fluency.


Watch the third program in our five-part Launching Young Readers series, Fluent Reading. The 30-minute show explores how to help children learn to decode quickly and achieve fluency. The program also demonstrates how early testing and intervention can help struggling readers.

Certificate of completion

Reading Rockets does not offer CEUs for this self-study course. After successfully answering the post-test questions, you’ll be able to download a certificate of completion.