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Pre-K: Writing Sample 1

Pre-K: Writing Sample 1

Context of writing

A two year old girl produced this sample while working at the art table. After writing, she proudly held it up for approval.

What is this child able to do as a writer?

As with most children, this writer is beginning her writing career by scribbling and drawing. Grasping the crayon or pencil with a full fist, this young scribbling child is exploring with space and form and creating a permanent record of his ideas and thoughts. These first scribbles can be proud accomplishments!

Pre-K: Writing Sample 1

What can we do to nurture this writer?

Thick markers, crayons, and unlined paper are good writer’s tools for this stage. Keep age-appropriate materials on hand for the child to explore. Model writing for your child by pointing out times when you’re writing the grocery list or a thank you note. Talk about ways you use writing in your everyday life.