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Looking at Writing: Kindergarten

Kindergarteners are often enthusiastic writers and they will weave writing activities into their play. Provide budding writers with experiences that give them something to write about. Invented spelling is normal at this age, as children are translating the sounds of spoken words into writing. Children at this age can read their own writing and should be encouraged to read aloud!

  • Print own first and last name
  • Draw a picture that tells a story and label or write about the picture
  • Write upper- and lowercase letters (may not be clearly written)

Select the writing sample links at left to view real examples of kindergarten writing at different skill levels.

Featured video

Video developed by Great Schools (opens in a new window) and used with permission. 

What does kindergarten writing look like?

Can your kindergartener write a simple essay?

Can your kindergartener research and discuss a topic?