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Dr. Joanne Meier
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Joanne Meier

A new book for your professional reading, at a discount!

Important professional books — you know, the sort you need to have close at hand, come along every once in a while. We’ve gathered many of those titles in our Research by Topic section. Look for those listed under Foundational Research. There you’ll find the citations for important work such as Chall’s Learning to Read: The Great Debate from 1967, Marilyn Adams’ 1990 book Learning to read: Thinking and Learning About Print, Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children (1998, Snow et al), and many more.

The foundational work keeps coming. In 2002, the National Early Literacy Panel (NELP) (opens in a new window) was formed and sought to review the research on teaching literacy to preschool and kindergarten children. Their report came out in 2008 (full report (opens in a new window); summary). The NELP report quickly became the go-to resource for current findings and best thoughts about teaching our youngest learners.

A new book, Early Childhood Literacy (opens in a new window), edited by Timothy Shanahan and Christopher J. Lonigan, promises to add itself to the list of foundational reading for those who study early literacy. The book uses the NELP report as its point of departure, and relies on the field’s top experts as chapter contributors. Through reading, you’ll be up to date on the impact of federal research, know the latest research on how to share books with children, understand how to best educate parents, appreciate the value of oral language, and understand what is known about interventions for kids with special needs. And more! With each topic you’ll learn key takeaways and recommendations for future directions in policy and practice.

Brookes Publishing is generously offering our Reading Rockets readers a 20% discount on Early Childhood Literacy (opens in a new window). Just use the offer code READ2012 when checking out. The offer is good through 12/31/2012.

About the Author

Along with her background as a professor, researcher, writer, and teacher, Joanne Meier is a mom. Join Joanne as she shares her experiences raising her own young readers, and guides parents and teachers on the best practices in reading.

Publication Date
November 7, 2012