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Dr. Joanne Meier
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Joanne Meier

I’d give this report card comment an N (for needs improvement)

A friend in Northern Virginia sent me the text from her son’s third grade report card comment. Her e-mail message to me said this: ??????????????????????????????

I’ve typed the text below. Is it clear? Does it make sense? Are there things parents might need more information about?

Next week: I’ll write a revised (interpreted) report card comment for my friend!

Report card comment

Jack’s currently reading at a Rigby level 18. At this level with narrative text, Jack’s reading is fluent (75 WCPM) and he has adequate comprehension. With expository text, however, Jack’s reading becomes disfluent (60 WCPM) and he’s unable to answer implicit comprehension questions. We will continue teach strategies such as DRTA and graphic organizers to help assist Jack’s comprehension. In spelling, Jack is a within word speller. He’s currently studying long vowels and ambiguous vowel patterns. Thank you for your support at home. Daily reading will support the work we’re doing here at school.

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Along with her background as a professor, researcher, writer, and teacher, Joanne Meier is a mom. Join Joanne as she shares her experiences raising her own young readers, and guides parents and teachers on the best practices in reading.

Publication Date
November 18, 2008

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