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How do you cook a turkey?

November 25, 2008

Every year our paper goes into a preschool to ask the kids their expert advice on how to cook a turkey. I couldn't resist sharing a few of their answers. As a teacher, I'd feel compelled to put these into a class "cookbook," and as a parent, I'd hang the page in the kitchen!

Here are some of their recipes:

Maya: Put in salt and tomatoes and strawberries and ice cream.

Miles: Put it in the oven. Cook it for 6 minutes. Yell for my dad to come to the table.

Landon: Put it in a pan, salt, butter on top, then shut the door. Push the buttons. Add sprinkles. Cook for 40 minutes. Put it on the table.

Collin: Keep it on a high counter so my dog won't eat it.

Katelyn: I don't know! It's a lot of work. Just ask my mom.

Out of the mouth of babes! Anna came home yesterday with a real keepsake: a turkey made from her feet and hand tracings. On each feather she had written someone or something she was thankful for.

I know we're running out of years that include these types of crafts, which makes this one even more special. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

PS: Revised report card comment coming next week!

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