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Happy back to school time for all you teachers, Moms and Dads! If you’re reading my blog for the first time, welcome! I blog weekly-ish about all sorts of things related to reading, writing, parenting, teaching, volunteering, and more. This is a “no teacher bashing, no parent bashing” zone created with the recognition that we all find our own path in a way that works for us. Along the way I’ll share with you information from current and classic research on teaching, parenting, schools, and more.

Today I’ll share a question from a friend as she prepares to send her third grader off to school.

Should I tell Mrs. G that we are having our daughter tested for ADHD — or just hold off on that until after she comments on things? I want to give her a heads up, but I don’t want her to automatically peg L. as being “bad”….

My answer:
I always prefer to be proactive rather than reactive, so my advice is to set up a time for a brief conference. You don’t need to get into the specifics about suspecting ADHD, but rather use the time to talk about classroom settings that seem to work well, what work habits other teachers have noticed, etc. That way you’re setting the stage for good communication. Chances are her 2nd grade teacher passed on some information too, or if she didn’t, maybe you could suggest that the two teachers talk. Specific information about instructional strategies and classwork/homework structures that worked would save the 3rd grade teacher lots of time.

For more information about ADHD and starting the year off right with your learner, see:

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Along with her background as a professor, researcher, writer, and teacher, Joanne Meier is a mom. Join Joanne as she shares her experiences raising her own young readers, and guides parents and teachers on the best practices in reading.

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August 15, 2012