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Video still of television meteorologist in front of the weather board
Rachael Walker
Book Life
Rachael Walker

Talking Weather

Learn about the difference between weather and climate, where weather happens, and how it gets forecasted from three broadcast meteorologists.

Broadcast meteorologists are some of the busiest, hardest working people you’ll find in the television newsroom. They don’t just forecast the weather — they have to produce the weather report, deliver it on on-air, and much more! Most importantly, broadcast meteorologists work to educate viewers, giving people information and tools they can use now, and in the future, to live better and safer lives. Local broadcast meteorologists help people in their communities understand and apply the weather forecast and changing climate conditions to their lives and livelihoods.

And they are excited for kids to learn more about the weather! Thanks to photojournalist Adam Worthington, three broadcast meteorologists from CBS affiliate KOIN 6 (opens in a new window) in Portland, Oregon, have stopped by Book Life to talk weather. 

This video, featuring chief meteorologist Natasha Stenbock and meteorologists Kelley Bayern and Josh Cozart, is perfect for answering kids’ questions about the difference between weather and climate, where weather happens, and how it gets forecasted. Make talking weather with the “Most Accurate in Portland” weather team part of your Weather Wonders (opens in a new window) activities and get kids excited to read and learn all about weather.


About the Author

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Publication Date
August 2, 2023