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How Children Learn to Read with Margaret Goldberg

In this multimedia presentation, teacher and literacy coach Margaret Goldberg gives a concise and clear explanation of the science of reading and how it makes sense in her teaching practice. With honest reflection, she examines what is working and what is not. Using animations, graphics and student video examples, Margaret connects the dots from research to instruction, covering how the brain reads, how we use letters and sounds for reading, and how we use meaning and context for reading. (From our sister project, Reading Universe(opens in a new window)(opens in a new window (opens in a new window))


  • 00:00 — Introduction to the Science of Reading 
  • 08:00 — The Simple View of Reading 
  • 14:25— Learning to Identify, Blend, and Manipulate Sounds 
  • 24:23 — Learning to Recognize Letters and Decode Written Words 
  • 32:44 — Reading Aloud: A Look at Two Readers 
  • 38:10 — Using Meaning and Context for Reading 
  • 43:47 — Selecting Text to Develop Reading Comprehension 
  • 45:49 — Reflecting on Instruction that Works