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Can you recommend any computer programs to help my son, who is dyslexic, with his writing?

The complete question

My son is going into high school. He has a learning disability with a very “hands on” learning style. However, he cannot write to save his life, take notes, etc. What computer programs do you recommend? What laptops would you recommend?

Expert answer

An expanding array of technological devices provides new options for minimizing the writing difficulties experienced by students with learning disabilities. Programs and devices, such as talking word processors, word prediction programs, child-friendly voice recognition, and portable note-taking devices may assist your son with his writing.

Tech Tools for Students with Learning Disabilities: Infusion into Inclusive Classrooms (opens in a new window) will provide you with detailed information on each of these options.

Using Assistive Technology to Support Writing (opens in a new window) is another valuable resource that can assist you in selecting the best technologies to meet the needs of your son and may be worth sharing with his teachers to ensure that he has the support he needs in the classroom.

Check out the Tech Matrix (opens in a new window), which will launch a free online resource on writing products, reviewed for accessibility and instructional features. Related research on the use of technology for students with special needs will also be included with this tool to inform your decision on the best programs to provide support to meet your son’s needs.

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