Why Some Kids Struggle

A lot of parents wonder, "Why is this so hard for my child?" The answers aren't clear, but scientists have discovered that the brain of a child with reading problems handles reading differently than that of a strong reader.

Some kids have a disability that makes reading difficult to learn. Others come to school without the literacy experiences they need to become readers. Some children struggle because they've received poor or inadequate reading instruction. When these and other risk factors are identified early, though, many children's reading difficulties can be prevented.

Why Is Reading So Hard?

“Why can my child speak so well, but struggle with learning to read? Why is reading so hard?” Those are questions asked by many parents of kids with reading issues. Hear from literacy expert Margie Gillis, Ed.D, on how the brain changes when we learn to read, and why those changes may happen more slowly in some kids than others. (From Understood)

Featured Video: Why Some Kids Struggle

Reading intervention specialist working one-on-one with an elementary student

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