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Engaging Families with Technology

Episode 5 of the Parent Engagement Webinar Series, produced in partnership with the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading.


Welcome to webinar #5 in the 5-part webinar series on parent engagement, developed for the 124 charter members of the Grade-Level Reading Communities Network, a key community-based effort of the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading (opens in a new window). The Parent Engagement series is produced by Reading Rockets in partnership with the Campaign.


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Research and Reports

Pioneering Literacy in the Digital Wild West: Empowering Parents and Educators (opens in a new window) (By Lisa Guernsey, Michael Levine, Cynthia Chiong and Maggie Severns, The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, 2012)
Digital apps designed to teach young children to read are an increasingly large share of the market, but parents and educators have little to no information about whether and how they work. This report scans the market of digital products and shares promising practices and programs. For more information about the Pioneering Literacy paper and to find links to programs cited in the report, view this archived webinar (opens in a new window).

Technology in Early Education: Building Platforms for Connections and Content that Strengthen Families and Promote Success in School (opens in a new window) (By Lisa Guernsey, 2012)
This report looks at trends in digital media use by young children, how to effectively use parents and librarians as partners in early learning, and recommendations for building integrated technology platforms for early education.

Kids & Family Reading Report: 4th Edition (opens in a new window)(By Scholastic, 2013)
This biannual report is a national survey sharing the views of both kids and parents on reading in the increasingly digital landscape and the influences that impact kids’ reading frequency and attitudes toward reading.

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