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Holiday Buying Guide 2023

December is a time of lights, family, friends, celebrations — and sharing gifts from the heart. Celebrate this season of sharing with books and reading. Take a look, share a book, make a memory … with one or more of these titles from our 2023 gift guide bookshelf. 

This year’s list includes multicultural stories, picture book biographies, poems, graphic novels, a bit of fantasy and mystery, and books about science and nature, pets, family, and friends.

Our gift guide list is arranged by age, with books for the youngest readers (0-3 years old) at the top, followed by books for 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12 year olds. At the very end, we’ve included five extra titles that are too good to miss. These books don’t easily fit into an age category but have broad appeal and are just too interesting and well-crafted not to share.

Happy Holidays from Reading Rockets!