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Everywhere I look these days, I see another book list of recommended books for summer reading. Some like them (opens in a new window), others wish they would go away. Other sites include calendars, craft ideas, and more to keep kids busy this summer. Here’s a handful from the blogosphere that stood out for me.

I liked this idea for a homemade summer journal (opens in a new window), written by blogger Mary Alice Gruppi.

See if your school has any summer requirements. Here are some for rising fourth grade students (opens in a new window) that I came across online. I showed my own rising fourth grader, and she crinkled her nose and said, “No thanks!” Maybe yours will be more responsive.

Reading is Fundamental’s monthly activity calendars (opens in a new window) are available in English and Spanish. They include lots of ideas to wile away the long summer days.

A quick, nice way to think about kids’ summer reading with T.A.F. (time, access, fun) (opens in a new window) from Newswise.

A summertime game (opens in a new window) from one Mom to another, via Penelope [loves lists]. The author uses Tantalizing Tickets and cooking classes in your kitchen to keep summer fun and interesting.

BKWRM: We drove behind a car with this license plate yesterday, and it took my girls TOO long to figure out what it said! It made me realize that it might be fun to keep a car journal to document the fun license plates we decode. (We live in Virginia (opens in a new window) so we’ll get lots of practice! Check out this site (opens in a new window) to give yourself some practice.

Of course, here at Reading Rockets we offer our own “virtual beach bag”with lots of good ideas and links to excellent resources.

Welcome summer!

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June 17, 2010