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Read all about it! We're writing a newspaper

February 2, 2010

My kids are home from school, again! We've had strange winter weather here in Virginia, with a huge snow fall in December (27 inches!), flash flooding that closed the schools in early January, and then another 9 inches of snow late last week. The kids have been home. A lot! And they're getting bored.

Yesterday they came up with the idea to write their own newspaper. Always willing to take on a literacy related project with neighborhood kids, we brainstormed various "news stories" to include.

They came up with the following list:

It's turning into quite a project. Their current plan is to use ReadWriteThink's Printing Press to create the newspaper. Anna's working with Puzzlemaker to make the word search. The other cul-de-sac kids are off drafting their own columns.

Stay tuned! If the newspaper actually goes to "print," I'll post it here.


I am playing "nanny" to my 2 nieces and nephews next two weeks. The 9 yr old is only reading on a first grade level. He can read the words but comprehension of the story just isn't there. Any suggestions? I teach English at the high school level.

Tina: Keep me posted! I can't wait to hear how it's going! Sounds like you'll have a great year.

This year I have very little writing time so I have decided to create a classroom newspaper. We are going to use the Bear Essentials News as our example. It will become a year long project with students rotating through various positions and learning about the different forms of writing through small group instruction.We hope to publish our work using Pages and produce a new paper each month. We will also post each publication on our classroom website. I am excited about trying something new and seeing the impact it will have on my students writing skills when they realize they are writing for a real audience. Thanks for your post, I found it very helpful.

Hi, What a great idea, I've been ecouraging my 8 yesr old son to write and be creative with stories. We have decided to put the stories on a blog, which has also helped his computing skills. The whle project has been such great fun. I must also admit the quality time I'm spending with him is priceless. Expecially when he sees that there positive comments about the stories. I know I'm not Wordsworth but the fun and joy it brings it doen't really matter. Cheers Pete.

We have dueling newspapers on our street--two third graders peddle their posts to the neighbors. The weather report seems to get the most attention, though we did get a nice photo of the fire truck when a car ran into the street sign. Both boys seem to have a great time putting their papers together and made impress use of word art!

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