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It’s Back to School time, which means more first-timers may be coming to this Sound it Out blog than before. Because of that, I decided to take on the 7 Link Challenge (opens in a new window) described by Problogger (opens in a new window). By taking the challenge, I’m able to highlight some posts from my archives and revisit some of the resources I’ve gathered through blog posts. So, here goes! (Challenge category is in bold)

My first post was Pleased to Meet You from January 2007. It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for 2 ½ years! Back then I articulated my goal — to blog about literacy while wearing at least one hat — teacher and university professor, parent, research consultant and early literacy author. I am glad to say that’s still my goal!

A post I enjoyed writing was Reading logs, reading blahs because I suspected it would stir up feelings from parents, teachers and kids. And it did! Somewhere within the comments I began to get scolded for our family’s mutiny against reading logs. For those who know me, I’m not much of a rabble-rouser, but I was one in that post!

A post with great discussion is the Should she stay or should she go? (to kindergarten) one. Teachers and parents have written in, and the comments reflect such caring, compassion and consternation for young kids.

The post on someone else’s blog that I wish I’d written. With so many great blogs, I couldn’t begin to identify just one post. Skipping this category.

My most helpful post, at least according to my neighbor Meg, might be Talking to your child about learning disabilities. I wrote that just as Daniel was found eligible to receive services for LD. At that time, he was frustrated, she was scared, and I was able to pull together a few things that helped them talk.

A post with a title that I am proud of is My poor dental hygienist, because that post reinforced to me the importance of being an early literacy ambassador wherever we go! There are several resources within that post to share with YOUR dental hygienist, mail carrier, neighbor, or friend.

A post that I wish more people had read…hmmm…well, I never know how many people read specific posts, but the one I wish more people had commented on is Same thing next year? Grade retention. I’d love to hear what parents and teachers have to say about this practice. The Parental Push to Repeat a Grade (opens in a new window) from a recent Wall Street Journal reiterates the quandaries many parents face: wait a year, hold them back, or push forward?

I hope you enjoy some of those archived posts. I’m looking forward to sharing this school year and blog with you!

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Along with her background as a professor, researcher, writer, and teacher, Joanne Meier is a mom. Join Joanne as she shares her experiences raising her own young readers, and guides parents and teachers on the best practices in reading.

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August 16, 2010