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Going to Chicago to meet Ed Young

February 22, 2013

What could get me to travel to Chicago on in February? A chance to see friends and colleagues, sweetened by the chance to hear a presentation by a Caldecott medal winning artist whose work I've admired for years.

The inaugural Butler Lecture is taking place at Dominican University. Ed Young is the speaker.

His Lon Po Po (Puffin), the 1990 Caldecott Medal winner, is well known as a Chinese variant of the Red Riding Hood story. A Caldecott honor book, Seven Blind Mice (Puffin), is a retelling of another traditional tale. A more recent book focuses on his own experiences.

The House Baba Built: An Artist's Childhood in China (Little Brown) is a sophisticated picture book that provides insight into his imagination and his childhood in Shanghai. Since this is the title of his lecture, I'm looking forward to gaining insight into Young and his work.

There's something special, often magical, about hearing and meeting people live and in person, a bit like live theater compared to film. Both can provide insight but are very different experiences.

Take a look at some of the books by this remarkable artist. He's got more than 80 books to his credit; each is well worth reading and examining.

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