Forward Together: Helping Educators Unlock the Power of Students Who Learn Differently

Key Findings: Mindsets and Practices to Better each Students With Learning and Attention Issues

In the United States, 1 in 5 students have learning and attention issues. This includes those with identified specific learning disabilities, diagnosed ADHD, or related disorders that impact learning. The majority of the 1 in 5 spend at least 80% of their time in general education classrooms, where many struggle to achieve at grade level despite often having average or above average intelligence.

NCLD and Understood sought to better understand how to help educators unlock the potential of the 1 in 5. Through an extensive literature review of empirical studies, we found evidence of specific critical mindsets and key practices that can improve outcomes for students with learning and attention issues — and all students!


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Understood, National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) (2019)


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