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Using Texting in Instruction

Texting and “text speak” can be used to help build foundational reading skills such as word recognition and phonological awareness. 

Blogs and Wikis

Writing online, through blogs, wikis, or discussion forums can boost student motivation for writing and help students learn to adapt writing for different audiences, tasks, purposes, and disciplines.

Life's Work

Jules Feiffer says he feels lucky that he’s doing work that is still challenging and that he loves.


Jules Feiffer fell in love with American comic strips as a young kid in the 1930s and 1940s.

Sleight of hand

Jules Feiffer describes cartooning as a kind of visual magic act.

Opening lines

In the early stages of a book, the story can sometimes seem to write itself. Then come the careful revisions and polish.

Bark, George

Jules Feiffer’s story Bark, George started out as a bedtime story (a “radio story”) for his two-year old daughter.


Kate and Jules Feiffer have an easy collaborative working style. They vividly remember working together on Which Puppy? and My Side of the Car.