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The Parent-Teacher Conference (Pre-K)

Preschool and Child Care

The Parent-Teacher Conference (Pre-K)

Some preschools schedule meetings during the year to talk about your child’s progress. Here are some tips to make the most of those meetings.

Some preschools schedule meetings during the year to talk about your child’s progress. These meetings provide a chance to talk about your child’s social, language, and cognitive development. For many parents, this conference provides your first opportunity to sit down one-on-one with your child’s teacher to talk about how things are going.

While teachers often have information and work samples to share, it’s equally important for parents to share their impressions of their child’s school experience, and to have any questions answered.

Questions to ask

Here are some questions that might help set the tone for a productive and positive conference:

  • What activities and centers does my child gravitate towards?
  • Do you feel my child is meeting developmental milestones for his/her age?
  • What sorts of things can we do at home to keep our child excited about learning?
  • What sorts of reading activities do you recommend we do at home?
  • What goals do you have for my child this year?

Follow up

Did you run out of time? Most meetings are scheduled in 20 minute increments. It’s often hard to fit it all in during one conference. If you still have unanswered questions, follow up with a written note, or schedule a second face-to-face meeting. Develop a solid relationship with your child’s teacher — consider it your homework for the year!

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