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Research Report

Recognition and Response: An Early Intervening System for Young Children At-Risk for Learning Disabilities

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Some young children show signs that they may not be learning in an expected manner, even before they begin kindergarten. These children may exhibit problems in areas such as language development, phonological awareness, perceptual-motor abilities and attention, which are considered precursors of learning disabilities in older children. However, under current state and federal guidelines, these children are unlikely to meet eligibility criteria for having a learning disability. This is because formal identification of a child’s learning disability generally does not occur until there is a measurable discrepancy between the child’s aptitude and academic achievement, often not until the second or third grade. This report describes a method of addressing those warning signs immediately. See article


Coleman, M.R., Buysse, V. & Neitzel, J. (2006). Recognition and Response: An early intervening system for young children at-risk for learning disabilities. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, FPG Child Development Institute: Chapel Hill, NC.