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Research Report

Identification, Evaluation, and Management of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

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These comprehensive guidelines released by the American Academy of Pediatrics indicate that early diagnosis, treating common comorbidities, and involving the family in collaborative interventions are key in supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disrder (ASD). ASD diagnoses occur in 1 in 59 children, or 1.7%, according to the newest data. The report recommends that clinicians should screen children for ASD at 18 and 24 months and evaluate general development at 9, 18, and 30 months. Different options for research-based Interventions for children with ASD provided through educational practices, developmental therapies, and behavioral interventions are discussed.


Susan L. Hyman, Susan E. Levy, and Councill on Children with Disabilities, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. PediatricsJanuary 2020, 145 (1) e20193447; DOI: (opens in a new window).

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