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What kinds of assistive technologies are available to help kids with writing?

Expert answer

There are a lot of assistive technologies today for helping kids write. One of the most common is word prediction. It predicts, based on the letters that you’ve typed in the word and the syntax of text, what the next word is in the text. This reduces the number of keystrokes, which is great for kids with physical disabilities or kids with really slow typing speed.

We have assistive technology where you can hear what you’ve written read back to you (text-to-speech), which helps you find errors in your text.

We also have assistive technology that allows you to speak directly to the computer as if the computer is a scribe (dictation, or speech-to-text).

We also have a lot of ways of getting feedback from the computer.  Right now, we mostly use that feature for spell checking and for grammar.  But those kinds of feedback tools are going to get much more sophisticated and helpful to young writers over time.

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