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The visual supports are very individualized and we have a full catalog of visual supports on our website (opens in a new window). One of the things that helps reduce anxiety for our students is to have a schedule to help them understand what the expectations are. But depending on each child’s needs, we look at our visual support options and find the ones that work for that child.

For example, with kids who have a difficult time with their behavior, self-management, or self-regulation we will use the Incredible Five Point Scale (opens in a new window) or the Zones of Regulation (opens in a new window) to help them.

And not only do we use those for the kids with autism. A lot of these supports that we put into place universally because children with autism are not the only ones in our schools who have difficulties with anxiety. We go in through the door of autism, but we also look at how these strategies work for all kids.

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