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Should I worry about mirror writing in my kindergarten son? From my understanding, dyslexia is an auditory problem rather than a visual one, is that true? Is it just that my son hasn’t gotten the directionality of print from left to right at this stage rather than it being a major learning disability?

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Mirror writing by itself is not troubling in a kindergarten student. Beginning writers are mastering several skills, including directionality. There are other factors (weak phonological skill, family history of reading difficulty, speech/language delay) that are considered risk factors for reading difficulty.

Dyslexia is a language-based reading difficulty. As such, if your son has persistent difficulty with several of the language-based behaviors I’ve listed below, you should talk with his teacher and share your concerns.

  • Learning letter names and some letter sounds
    Recognizing words that rhyme
    Retelling simple stories
    Recognizing words that share the same beginning sound
    Understanding simple concepts about print

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