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How can writing be integrated throughout the curriculum — not just narratives and book reports? Why is this important?

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There are a lot of different ways that writing can be integrated throughout the curriculum. First, almost every subject requires that you read something and so writing is a really powerful tool for helping you think about what you read. You can answer questions about text that you’ve read, you can take notes on it, you can summarize it, you can personalize the information in terms of how you think it applies to your daily life, you can talk about how it might be applied in daily life, and you can analyze and interpret what that text means. So we can use writing in a lot of different ways to think about reading.

Secondly, writing is very important in thinking about what we already know, our background knowledge. We do a journal entry in a science experiment, predicting what we think is going to happen and then we revisit that after we conduct the experiment.

At almost every level when we think about content learning, there’s a place for writing.

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