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Can you recommend a reading routine for parents with dyslexic children?

Expert answer

Parents of a dyslexic child can be their child’s biggest helper. I think the best way to help is to work with your child to improve his or her ability to read fluently — rapidly, as well as accurately.

To do this means sitting down with your child, selecting a book to read together that is easy and interesting to the child and for you to read aloud (a passage or a page) to your child and then have your child read the same passage back to you. If he or she has made errors, correct them gently, and have the reread the passage. The practice of repeated oral reading with feedback and guidance allows the brain to practice and build and re-enforce the circuits necessary for fluent reading. You can also use poems or pretend you are acting out a play – plays require reading aloud and rereading, an excellent vehicle to practice fluency.

There are also commercial programs beginning to become available.

Parents are also have a critical role in ensuring that their child maintains his sense of self-esteem. 

— Dr. Sally Shaywitz

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