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L.M. Elliott

Children’s Author

L.M. Elliott is a best-selling author of historical and  biographical fiction. Her middle grade and YA novels explore a variety of eras, including the American Revolution, Great Depression, WWII, and the Cold War. She has also published a number of picture books for younger readers, featuring a raccoon named Hunter.


Laura Elliott grew up just outside Washington D.C., and came of age during the Vietnam War protests and Watergate, so she was very aware of history in the making. One of her first clear memories was of JFK’s tragic assassination. Fast upon that came the killing of his brother Bobby and another man of eloquence, Martin Luther King. From her front door she could see the distant dark clouds hanging over the capital city as it burned with the agonized riots that followed his shooting.

But her love of history came from knowing a number of elderly ladies in what was then a small town community. At garden parties, over fresh-squeezed lemonade, she heard talk of history — but not about dates, battles, or political figures. It was personal, about how their relatives (or they) survived hard times, how mothers worried about their children during epidemics and wars, where they were when Pearl Harbor was attacked and how they helped the war effort afterwards. From them she learned that history is a very human drama.

Laura’s first YA historical novel, Under a War-torn Sky, grew out of an article about her father’s experiences as a B-24 pilot with the French Resistance during World War II. The book went on to win numerous awards and Elliott recently continued its story in A Troubled Peace. As a former journalist, she’s also reported on other important historical events through her books, including the Civil War in Annie, Between the States, the Revolutionary War in Give Me Liberty, and the civil rights movement in Flying South.

These works have won the Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction, VLA’s Cardinal Cup, and the Grateful American Book Prize (opens in a new window); and been named NCSS/CBC Notables (National Council of Social Studies/Children’s Book Council), Bank Street College of Education Best Books,  Kirkus Bests, Jr. Library Guild Gold Selections, and received many starred reviews.  Elliott holds a BA from Wake Forest University and a master’s in journalism from UNC-Chapel Hill. She is a lifelong Virginian and history-lover.

Laura has also authored four picture books with New York Times best-selling illustrator, Lynn Munsinger, including Hunter’s Best Friend at School, Hunter and Stripe and the Soccer Showdown, and Hunter’s Big Sister

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