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Eric Garcia

Eric Garcia is a Washington, D.C.-based journalist focused on politics and policy and currently the senior Washington correspondent for The Independent. In our interview, Garcia talks about autism myths, recognizing the gifts and abilities of autistic people, how teachers can help their autistic students succeed and realize their potential, the role of accessible classrooms, autism and equity, how autistic people are portrayed in the media, and more.


Garcia has previously worked as an editor at the Washington Post and the Hill and as a reporter at Roll Call, National Journal, and MarketWatch

Garcia is the author of We’re Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation, an insider’s exploration of what it’s like to be autistic in America. About the book, Garcia says, “This book is a message from autistic people to their parents, friends, teachers, coworkers and doctors showing what life is like on the spectrum. It’s also my love letter to autistic people. For too long, we have been forced to navigate a world where all the road signs are written in another language.” Learn more about We’re Not Broken and the author on Garcia’s website.