Monthly tips for parents

Growing Readers

Written especially for parents, Growing Readers provides monthly tips for raising strong readers and writers. Schools and PTAs can add these preformatted briefs to their parent newsletters. Growing Readers is also a great resource for libraries and community literacy organizations.

  • Journals and Field Notes for Young Scientists
    Science explorations give kids a chance to record all kinds of observations
  • Reading Together to Build Critical Thinking Skills
    Family read-alouds provide great opportunities to tackle more challenging books together
  • How to Read Nonfiction Text
    Tips on navigating the table of contents, diagrams, captions & more
  • Poems at Home
    How to plan a family poetry jam
  • Handwriting: What's Normal, What's Not
    Developmental milestones in writing

Children's books

Early literacy development

Developing Writing and Spelling at Home (Pre-K)

Does My Preschooler Have Delayed Development?

Good Night, Sleep Tight: Preschoolers and Sleep

Making Reading Relevant: Read, Learn, and Do! (Pre-K)

Start the New Year Off Right: Resolve to Raise a Reader!

The Role of Fathers in Their Child's Literacy Development

The Role of Fathers in Their Child's Literacy Development (Pre-K)

Engaging with your child's school

Flipped Classrooms and Flipped Lessons: What Does It Mean for Parents?

How Parents Can Support the Common Core Reading Standards

How Parents Can Support the Common Core Writing Standards

New Year's Resolution: Help Your Kids Do Great in School

Kids with learning disabilities

5 Things Your Grade-Schooler With Dyslexia Can Say to Self-Advocate

6 Multisensory Techniques for Teaching Handwriting

8 Tips for Talking to Your Child’s Teacher About Dyslexia

Graphic Organizers to Help Kids With Writing

Successful Transition to Kindergarten for Learners Who May Be at Risk for Learning Disabilities

Literacy activities for the family

7 Great Ways to Encourage Your Child's Writing

Children and Digital Media: Rethinking Parent Roles

Five Literacy-Based Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Child

Learning That's Hands-On Holiday Fun (Pre-K)

Making Reading Relevant: Read, Learn, and Do!

Mission Critical: Reading Together to Build Critical Thinking Skills

Playing with Word Sounds: Stretch and Shorten

Reading aloud

Getting the Most Out of Nonfiction Reading Time

How to Read With a Squiggly Baby (or Toddler!)

Picture This! Using Mental Imagery While Reading

Simple Yet Powerful Things to Do While Reading Aloud

Science and math activities

Developing Research and Information Literacy

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe: Math and Literacy for Preschoolers

Recording Observations: Capturing and Sharing Images

Recording Observations: Journals and Field Notes

Share What You Discover! Publishing Your Work

Summer reading

Use Summer Fun to Build Background Knowledge

Reading intervention specialist working one-on-one with an elementary student

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