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The book takes readers through homes, classrooms, e-book publishers, research labs, and the app marketplace to show how educators and parents can help children grow into strong, passionate readers using media of all kinds — print, digital, and everything in between. Tap, Click, Read includes an analysis of the exploding app marketplace and provides useful information on new review sites and valuable curation tools. It shows what to avoid and what to demand in today’s apps and e-books — as well as what to seek in community preschools, elementary schools and libraries. Peppered with the latest research from fields as diverse as neuroscience and behavioral economics and richly documented examples of best practices from schools and early childhood programs around the country, the book will show you how to: promote the adult-child interactions that help kids grow into strong readers; learn how to use digital media to build a foundation for reading and success; and discover new tools that open up avenues for creativity, critical thinking, and knowledge-building that today’s children need