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Teacher gifts

November 29, 2007

I've started thinking about holiday gifts for the girls' teachers. Here are a few of my ideas so far...I'm trying to keep it practical and useful.

A gift certificate to Barnes & Noble: For kids' books, or for the teachers' own enjoyment! What could be better than a latte and a good book? I just finished this,and it was great (long...but very interesting!)

A gift certificate to our local teacher supply store: It's a store that sells Happy Grams, cute pencils, stickers, erasers, games, art supplies, and more. I'm sure both teachers shop there, and for once they wouldn't have to use their own money!

A classroom game or two for indoor recess: We love to play games at our house; our favorites right now are Blokus, Pictionary, Jr., and Boggle — although we play that without the timer.

I like magazine subscriptions too, but I wonder how useful just one copy would be for a teacher. I think at least one of them has magazines as part of her classroom library, so maybe it would work. I wrote about our favorites here.

A pretty good list for early December (I'm a notorious last-minute shopper!). If you have any great ideas for gifts for teachers, please comment away!


My classes have often pooled their resources and bought a gift certificate for larger amount to go shopping for Christmas. It has been a blessing!

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