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I have a boy! As a teacher! And he’s tall!

August 26, 2008

Those were the first sentences out of Anna's mouth when she read her teacher assignment for this year. Out of 20 classroom teachers at our school, there's exactly one male teacher. He teaches first grade, and Anna got him!

She's thrilled, of course. All the kids know Mr. B. All the parents love him. "Gentle giant," they say. "A real calm presence." Sounds good to me. I'll let you know as the year goes along.

Male teachers, particularly at the elementary level, are a rare breed! I looked around to find any recent data on the numbers, but I didn't find much. I did read a 2004 NEA news release Are Male Teachers on the Road to Extinction? and a few blog posts (here and here) on the topic.

What's your experience? Are you a male teacher? Have you (or your child) ever had one? I'd love to hear about it!


Hi-I saw this and thought of your recent blog post. I'm glad you and Anna and the other parents in your schools don't hold such stereotypes. The Mistrusted Male Teacher school psychiatrist in the article says "Children have their own anxieties about going to school. They shouldn't have the burden of the parents' anxieties as well," Oris said. "If the parent is concerned, I think that it is something the parent is reacting to from their own life or their own experiences and projecting that onto the child." The article also mentions a website which aims to be a clearinghouse for info about men teaching

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