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Dyslexia: A primer

February 21, 2008

I love the Florida Center for Reading Research. The center is directed by Barbara Foorman and Joe Torgesen. And no one that works there must need sleep! They're always cranking out really good reports and publications. It's one of the first places I go when researching something.

One of FCRR's more recent reports is a must read: Dyslexia: A Brief for Educators, Parents, and Legislators in Florida. Although the title suggests it's for people within Florida, a much larger audience will benefit from the information.

I won't kid you, the report isn't visually appealing, and it's pretty dense, but I can promise you a lot of good information within the 18 pages.

The report covers the definition of dyslexia (in detail), the type of instruction most useful for individuals with dyslexia, and remedial instruction for older students with dyslexia.

PS: Last week I wrote that I'd share resources for introducing vocabulary. I'll do that next week for sure!


WOW What a read! This article is packed with lots of information. I'm just started to do a little research to help my 3rd grader with his reading skills. (better late than never) I have more knowledge than i ever dreamed just with this one article

Hi PJK, thanks for giving us the heads up! We've fixed the problem, so the RSS should now work.

I just discovered your blog and really like it. However, I can't seem to add it to my RSS feed on My Yahoo page. I added "Today's Reading News" just fine, but there seems to be no RSS detected on the page and when I click on the "RSS this page" link in your right column, I get an Internet Explorer page saying that "The feed contains code errors". I hope you'll be able to solve this problem so I can subscribe to your blog. (I had the same problem with the other blog on this site).

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