Phonemic Awareness: Watch & Learn

These short video clips give you the chance to watch and learn effective phonemic awareness activities. Many of the video clips are from Reading Rockets' PBS television series Launching Young Readers.
Reading Rockets (2004)


This video about phonemic awareness was very helpful as reading teacher. Also, the best way to teach o practice phonics with students is the teacher guide. Using this way, students will improve more faster. This video confirmed that is very important that students have the foundational skills in the first grade levels.

I use this on a daily basis with our fundation program. I find that my students are starting to understand the sounds of letters and are now able to make words

Excellent video of the vowel sounds with the short sound and the long sound, in addition to the correct pronunciation of the consonants and their variables. Also the video show different students and how they pronunciate,divide words, segmentation, and decode words. The more systematic we are the students will acquire the knowledge of sounds and words.

At last, a person who promotes a balance in approaches: applying the principles of both the phonics method and whole language. I always thought this should happen.

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"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." — Emilie Buchwald