Teacher Toolbox

In this section, you'll find background information to help you become more effective in teaching reading and writing.

Portraits of struggling readers: Meet four children  each struggling with a different literacy skill and find out how you can help them grow as readers.

Basics of teaching reading: Refresh your knowledge about the alphabetic principle, phonological awareness, and decoding.

Classroom management: Take a look at some ideas for managing a classroom effectively, including ideas for arranging your classroom to maximize learning, cooperation, and communication.

Dfferentiated instruction: Get a basic primer in why differentiated instruction is critical in teaching all kinds of learners.

The language arts block: See examples of what this block of time may look like in kindergarten first grade, and second grade.

Glossary: Phoneme vs. grapheme? Phonological awareness? Onset and rime? Strengthen your knowledge of key terms in literacy instruction.

Resources: A curated list of great online tools, resources, lesson plans, and more.

Reading 101 is a collaboration with the Center for Effective Reading Instruction and The International Dyslexia Association.

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