Teacher Toolbox

In this section, you'll find background information to help you become more effective in teaching reading and writing.

Portraits of struggling readers: Meet four children  each struggling with a different literacy skill and find out how you can help them grow as readers.

Basics of teaching reading: Refresh your knowledge about the alphabetic principle, phonological awareness, and decoding.

Classroom management: Take a look at some ideas for managing a classroom effectively, including ideas for arranging your classroom to maximize learning, cooperation, and communication.

Dfferentiated instruction: Get a basic primer in why differentiated instruction is critical in teaching all kinds of learners.

The language arts block: See examples of what this block of time may look like in kindergarten first grade, and second grade.

Glossary: Phoneme vs. grapheme? Phonological awareness? Onset and rime? Strengthen your knowledge of key terms in literacy instruction.

Resources: A curated list of great online tools, resources, lesson plans, and more.

Reading 101 is a collaboration with the Center for Effective Reading Instruction and The International Dyslexia Association.

"Let children read whatever they want and then talk about it with them. If parents and kids can talk together, we won't have as much censorship because we won't have as much fear." —

Judy Blume