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Reading Rockets produces award-winning PBS television programs about reading and early education. You can watch the shows when they are broadcast by your public television station, or watch online anytime — just select the program you are interested in from the list below.

Featured Video: Launching Young Readers

Toddling Toward Reading

What it takes to give our preschoolers the early literacy skills they need to become successful readers.

Looking at Reading Interventions

Second grade student with her reading tutor

In this special Reading Rockets video series, reading expert Linda Farrell works one-on-one with students in grades K-3 to help ensure that they master the skills they need to become proficient readers. The video series shows what it really takes to teach critical skills such as naming letters accurately, blending and manipulating the sounds in words, mastering the connection between letters and sounds, recognizing spelling patterns, and reading multisyllable words.

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PBS Launching Young Readers series

Launching Young Readers: screenshot

Launching Young Readers is a public television series designed for teachers, parents, and others interested in helping children learn to read. Based on the latest research, these 30-minute programs feature the country's top reading experts, look at different reading strategies, provide practical advice for parents, and interweave the personal stories of children, families, and teachers.

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A Tale of Two Schools

A Tale of Two Schools

In this PBS special, Academy Award-winner Morgan Freeman narrates a one-hour documentary that tells the intimate story of a tumultuous year at two vulnerable schools. It's a tale of hope, of faith, and of the power of committed adults to help shape the life of a child. Learn more about the documentary, download the discussion guides, and watch online.

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Reading intervention specialist working one-on-one with an elementary student struggling readers

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