What's Next for the Common Core and Its Assessments?

We need somebody to take ownership of the Common Core standards. Most state content standards are on a five- to seven-year review and revision schedule. Since the Common Core standards are approaching their seventh birthday, it is clearly time for a review. The problem is that neither of the licensing organizations seem willing to take on this responsibility. States have already and will continue to take this review upon themselves, which, of course, will lead to less common standards over time. We also need more of a push to develop other aspects of the assessment system to support instruction and learning. To be fair, both Smarter Balanced and PARCC have tried to build out interim and diagnostic assessments, but they have not been widely used. Many district leaders are content with, or at least used to, the interim assessments that they have been using for years, in spite of concerns about their quality. There needs to be a more concerted effort among consortium and state assessment leaders to establish the need for high-quality and instructionally relevant parts of the assessment system.

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