Proven Method to Teach Reading Could Turn Around Third Grade Reading Assessments

Texas Public Radio (San Antonio, TX)
There’s concern in Bexar County that the number of third graders reading on grade level is low. That leaves them at risk for dropping out of high school, unemployment or worse. A tutoring program through SAReads is hoping to reverse the trend. Teachers are using a method of instruction that researchers say is proven, but isn’t used enough. The method of instruction is called scientifically based reading instruction, or SBRI. Louisa Moats is a leading researcher in reading education. She says teachers not knowing how to teach reading is a national problem. Moats says teachers are not the ones at fault; it’s the licensing process. She says most universities are not providing the right instruction. In 2000, after decades of debate about which reading method was best, Congress mandated that the National Reading Panel convene to do a scientific review. They published a report which identified that scientific methods like SBRI are the only reading techniques that work.

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