A New York School Where Students Learn to Read by Sculpting Words

The New York Times
Two weeks ago, classes began in this building at 212 East 93rd Street, the new home of the Windward School, which also has campuses north of the city in White Plains. Its mission is to teach children how to handle learning disabilities. The aim is to return them as quickly as possible with the skills to thrive in mainstream schools, said the head of school, John J. Russell.“In order to get in, you have to fail the admissions test,” Dr. Russell said. “When you start doing well, we ask you to leave. No treading water here.” Children at the school draw words in the air, write them on paper, shape letters out of clay, read from books or the classroom board. The parent of one fourth grader said her son, who could barely read a year ago, now confidently pages through this newspaper. (Or scrolls its digital incarnations.)

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