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The Disney DVD release of Tuck Everlasting includes "A Visit with Natalie Babbitt," a nine minute featurette about the Tuck Everlasting author that includes an interview where she discusses her own inspirations.

Natalie Babbitt

As a child, Natalie Babbitt loved to read fairy tales and myths, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised that her own writing features a lot of fantasy. Novels like Tuck Everlasting, Knee-Knock Rise, The Eyes of Amaryllis, and The Search for Delicious all have varying combinations of adventure, the supernatural, and big questions about mortality, religion, and human relationships. Best of all, Babbitt's stories feature great, relatable young characters at the heart of all the action.

The Prompt

Write It Film It

In Knee-Knock Rise, Egan sets off to discover the source of the noises coming from the mountaintop. He makes a surprising discovery about the noise, but for our purposes we're interested in his journey—the hero's journey. The hero's journey, what Joseph Campbell called "monomyth," is a common pattern, or archetype, in stories. It includes three big stages — separation, initiation, and return. Your film should introduce a new superhero and include your hero's call to adventure, the obstacles or trials that test your hero on his/her journey, and the end of the journey with reflection by your hero on what's been accomplished or learned.

Write It

A short action-packed film requires good planning. You'll need a script, but to really get your camera shots and moves in order, make a storyboard. This graphic organizing tool may remind you of a comic book, but it will help you “see” your film in sequence before you start shooting. You can make your storyboards by drawing stick figures on paper or use computer graphics. Just remember that each frame should include drawing and written direction.

Submit your storyboards for your superhero action movie.

Film It

While a superhero film can be fantasy or science fiction, it is almost always first an action movie. If your hero's journey is a dangerous one, please remember that special effects are part of movie magic. Don't put yourself or any of your actors in unsafe situations. Make sure any props you use are harmless. Think about visual effects or CGI (computer-generated imagery) as an option for the supernatural or fantastic.

Upload your superhero action movie.

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