Archived: Learning Disabilities articles

Many of our articles dated 2000 and earlier can now be found in this archive.

By: Catherine Snow, Susan Burns, Peg Griffin (1998)
Students with reading difficulties do not seem to need qualitatively different instruction from children who aren't struggling, but certain students may need more intensive support from a reading specialist. This overview of how children with reading difficulties should be served in school includes an argument for schools to employ reading specialists.

By: Robert Bock (1998)
NICHD research on children with learning disabilities has shown that deficiencies in processing letter-sounds are at the heart of most reading problems. This article illustrates how letter-sound processing works, and describes strategies for teaching children this skill.

By: Learning Disabilities Association of America (1996)
The development of children with learning disabilities can look different from the development of other children. Find out what preschool behaviors might be warning signs of learning disabilities.

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