Home-School Communication for Students with ASD

Establishing a trusting relationship with families of students with autism is critical, especially when working through challenges that may occur. In this article you'll find two useful daily report templates to share with families.

As the school year begins, there is no more important task than identifying how communication will occur between home and school.

In many ways, systems of communication can set the stage for how relationships unfold over the course of the school year. Establishing a trusting relationship is critical, especially when working through challenges that may occur.

The following sample forms can be used between home and school. Whatever form you choose, remember that your positive comments should always outweigh your negative comments. We wish you all the best for a wonderful school year experience.

Enjoy your students on the autism spectrum. Each has many positive and wonderful gifts to share.

Special thanks to the Autism Leadership Network of Indiana for contributing many of these forms and to Brenda Smith Myles for her contributions.

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