Using Data to Help ELLs Succeed Requires Partnerships, Persistence, Report Argues

Education Week
Illinois' use of English-language-learner data as an "emerging bright spot" for states looking to better serve and understand the growing, but often misunderstood, student population, according to a report from a Washington-based think tank. In the new report, New America examines how the state's effort to use longitudinal data could serve as a model for other states seeking guidance on how to accurately evaluate the academic growth and needs of their English-language learners. New America also praises Illinois' partnership with the Latino Policy Forum, a Chicago-based advocacy group that advises state on English-learner issues. While touting the work already underway, the think tank encourages educators in Illinois—which is home to the nation's fifth-largest ELL population—to push further and use data to explore how factors such as poverty, homelessness, and student mobility affect the academic performance of English-learners.

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