Martin Walker students experiment to strengthen comprehension

Killeen Daily Herald (TX)
How much of what you read can you actually remember? One Martin Walker Elementary School teacher has a method for helping students truly understand and recall what they are reading. Teacher Angela Thomas plans interactive activities that involve student investigation and first-hand learning to reinforce comprehension. She has students conduct experiments after reading a book. “I do the hands-on lessons because the children obtain more information by seeing how things work. It also helps their understanding of the topics we read,” Thomas said. “I love bringing reading to life.” Thomas is one of Martin Walker’s interventionists that implements the Leveled Literacy Intervention program in her classroom. The program works with reading components such as fluency, vocabulary and comprehension to help students build necessary reading skills that can be applied across all subjects. The program has lessons suited for students at different reading levels and is designed to guide students through their reading before, during and after reading a book.

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