Children's Book with Coding Themes Is Kickstarter Hit

The Wall Street Journal
Linda Liukas was at a meeting with officials at the Finnish Ministry of Education when her phone started buzzing. As she stepped out the room, she discovered that her phone had clogged up with push messages from Kickstarter, the crowd funding exchange site, where her project, a children's fantasy book aimed at teaching concepts of computer coding, had reached its $10,000 minimum funding goal target in just a few hours, a good measure in terms of time to achieve funding goals. A Kickstarter project doesn’t end when the funding target is reached, and with two days left to funding deadline, her project has raised more than 340,000 pledged dollars. The book is called Hello Ruby, and its plot follows a small girl with a huge imagination called Ruby (which is also an open-source programming language), as she stumbles around in a magical world and meets robots and a lonely snow leopard, and solves problems with the help from wise penguins.

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