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3rd Grade: Writing Sample 5: Transcript

Title: Bob the Bad Guy and Gerald the Good Guy and his assistant: A Super Hero Tale

One day when Bob was invading a house, he heard a "dad a dad a dad a!" and Gerald (Gay-ra-ld) flew in. "Duh, what was I here for?" Gerald asked. "You know, to save the world and stuff like that," said Bob. "Oh yeah. Duh, you're under arrest. By the way, what does arrest mean?" asked Gerald. "It means to capture somebody and put them in jail," said Bob. "Oh, yeah. Is it legal? Because I don't want to be blamed and have to go to court," said Gerald. "What do you mean is it legal?!?!?!? Of course it's legal! Besides, you're a upper hero, remember?" said Bob. "Oh yeah," said Gerald. "By the way, do you want to see your new prison cell?" he asked. "Sure. As long as it is purple, orange, and has yellow polka dots and blue, solver, and gold stripes," said Bob. "Okay. I'll get to work," said Gerald, and pulled a paintbrush out of nowhere. "Where'd the paintbrush come from?" asked Bob, "Duh, I got it at John Painter's store," said Gerald. "Okay. You better get to work," said Bob. "Okay," said Gerald, and with a swish of his cape, he was off. "Finally! Some peace and quiet from that loudmouth!" said Bob. Then, just as he had planned, de quietly snuck away. Just then, Gerald flew through the window. "Which do you want? Baby blue, light blue, or dar...Bob? Bob? BOB?" Gerald screamed. "What? Wadda ya want? Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?!?!" asked Bob. "Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Did you say we were playing hide and seek?" asked Gerald. "Ear problem," muttered Bob. "What?" asked Gerald. "I said ', I said Yeah," said Bob. "Okey dokey. I'll call my assistant," said Gerald. "Your what?" asked Bob. But before he could say the first word, Gerald was at the window. "Fweeoooeeet!" Gerald whistled. Someone tried to fly in through the window, but he ended up hitting his stomach on the windowpane. "Oof!" said Gerald's assistant. "Ouch," said Bob. "Assistant Bane, at your service," he said, and fell flat on his face. "Well, it looks like your little plan ailed! Ha, ha, ha! Bye!" But before Bob could run off to safety, Gerald grabbed Bob by the scruff of his neck and with a terrible jerk, Bob fell backwards and he fell flat on his back on Gerald. "Hi," Gerald said. "Gaahhhh...get off me!!!" shrieked Bob.

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3rd Grade, Writing Sample 5 Image
3rd Grade, Writing Sample 5 Image
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