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3rd Grade: Writing Sample 4: Transcript

Title: Amy and Olivia's Adventure

Once there were two turtles. One was named Amy and one was Olivia. They were best friends. They had met in the middle of the ocean. There was a big tornado in the Pacific Ocean and they got separated from their parents. So now they're living on their own together. One day Amy decided they should go on an adventure. "Let's go on an adventure," said Amy. "I don't know about that idea," said Olivia. "Please!" said Amy. "OK fine," groaned Olivia. "But don't do anything too scary." Then they were off. They tied a rope to each other so they couldn't separate. Then they started to swim. Then they decided to swim to the top of the ocean and stick their head out of the water. Then they saw a little island up ahead. "Let's go to it," said Olivia. "No! Don't go," said Amy. "It could be dangerous." "I'll let you sunbathe," said Olivia. "Let's go! Don't waste any time," Amy said rushed. So they swam to the island. When they got there Amy laid down and started to sunbathe right away. But Olivia decided to collect some coconuts for lunch instead of sunbathing. "I'm hungry," said Amy. "Do we have any food?" "Yes, we do. I collected coconuts while you were sunbathing." "Let's start eating them," said Amy.

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3rd Grade, Writing Sample 4 Image
3rd Grade, Writing Sample 4 Image
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