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1st Grade: Writing Sample 5 Transcript

Once upon a time there was a snake named Venom and there was a hampster named CJ and they lived in LA. CJ was bored of the city s CJ went to New Orleans. On his trip he found a wolf but Venom bit the wolf. Then CJ was scared and went back to LA and they became friends and played on the LA Lakers and they won 7 games in a row. But in one game Shaq stepped on Venom. But CJ was CPR certified. Then Shaq apologized and signed Venom's scales. Then they moved to Chicago and played on the Bulls and met MJ. Venom was good at long range and CJ was good at dunking. Then they set a record for the NBA animals.

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1st Grade, Writing Sample 5 Image
1st Grade, Writing Sample 5 Image
"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." — Emilie Buchwald