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Teacher Toolbox  –  Standards

State standards outline the state's expectations for student achievement in each grade level. School districts design their curriculum around their own state's adopted standards. To learn more about your state's standards, click on the appropriate state below.

District of Columbia

The District of Columbia is not a state, so the application of standards in D.C. differs slightly from the way standards are applied in states.

There are State Education Agencies (SEAs) in each of the 50 states. The SEAs are independent of local school districts, which are known as Local Education Agencies (LEAs). SEAs do not serve students directly. Among many other responsibilities, State Education Agencies are responsible for developing academic standards, which must be followed by all local school districts in the state.

In the District of Columbia, what would normally be an LEA, the District of Columbia Public School system, serves as the State Education Agency note: it is also an LEA since it has a student population.

At this time, there is not one set of standards that all local education agencies in D.C. follow. (Local education agencies in D.C. include: the District of Columbia Public Schools, the District of Columbia Public Schools Charter School Division (it is part of DCPS), the District of Columbia Public Charter Schools, and all private schools.)

Click here for standards for the District of Columbia Public Schools and the District of Columbia Public Schools Charter School Division.

Each school in the District of Columbia Public Charter Schools system has its own board of education and its own set of academic standards.

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